Illus couple clearstones

Unwieldy stones, also named Black stones or Lava stones, appear randomly on Estates and other home locations.

They can be cleared away by a Lady with the use of 10 energy, or for free by a Knight Admirer with one hit. The Knight Admirer receives a reward for clearing the stone, and it leaves behind a large treasure chest for the Lady.


Treasure chest 3

Treasure chest, large

Stone Chest:

  • 300-500 Coin scr
  • 10-50 Xp requ
  • 5-8 Energy requ
  • 3-7 Collection items:
    • flowers, girly, makeup, horse, heraldry, helmet
  • Item 2-5:
    • pipe, iron, spindle, cane, silk, onyx
Unwieldy stone

Unwieldy stones, 1pcs


  • 1800-3000 Coin scr
  • 50-100 Xp requ
  • 0-10 Energy requ
  • collection 2-3:
    • girly, horse, gamble, heraldry, helmet, butterflies, makeup
  • item: 0-3:
    • pipe, iron, steel


  • compare trash
  • If you have a sent request to help clean up, but upon arrival at the Lady's Estate there are no stones, then someone else cleaned it up. Any of a Lady's admirers can clean up on their Estate, and cleanup requests are not personalized.