Quest descriptionEdit

I have to get all the things for the offerings that the wisewoman told me about. In a camp, all these things are bound to be connected with combat and fighting.

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Coll helmet winged 3 Collect and exchange the helmet collection 3 Ruby requ
Soap 5 Lather up your opponents (knock out soap) 3 Ruby requ
Idol winged lion man 1 Make an offering to the Time Deity none

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I saw it. I saw the past. Right where I am now I saw two people and I know both of them - one was my Uncle and he looked much younger than he does now. And the second, the second was my father! My father was in good spirits and lively, they bid farewell, my father saddled up and left. Uncle just stood there and looked long after him.

Quest illus uncle

Uncle: So, you figured out who camped here before you. I knew that would happen, but I didn't think it would be so soon. You probably want to know what it was the deity showed you.
Player: Yes
Uncle: Your father went to get you and your mother ready to leave for the capital. The King noted his prowess and decided to establish your father and mother at court, especially as war was coming and the provinces were not safe. But you ended up at our castle.
Player: Why?
Uncle:: For some reason your mother did not want you to go to the capital with them. At a roadside inn she had a nasty quarrel with your father. She secretly entrusted you, a cute little tyke back then, to her faithful servant. He delivered you to our estate.
Player: What was the reason?
Uncle:: That I don't know. You know what happened next. Your father received a deadly wound from some unknown knight at the Royal Tournament. They searched for that knight, but never found him. Your mother could not bear her grief; She became ill and passed away in just a few days.
Player: Any witnesses to that Tournament?
Uncle:: Yes. Old Sir Froy lives not far from your Mother's old estate. Back in those days I asked him about it, but he didn't tell me anything besides what I told you. And he is very grumpy. Especially after his wife died. But you can try.
Player: That's what I'll do.


  • the third requirement needs you to engage in visitor interaction with the Time Deity Idol, i.e. click on it

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