Silver-touch hand

Free visitor interaction is signified by the silver gauntlet.

Visitor interaction or inspection is a type of player interaction.

Players can visit each other's Estates/Camps and interact with structures and decorations by clicking on them (also called "knocking" in the game), thereby creating a bonus for both the interacting visitor (received immediately) and the owner (stored in the structure/decoration). A player can collect their visitors' boons by clicking on their own structures and decorations.

The bonuses are variously coin, experience, glory, energy, items and collector items, and are specific to certain objects.

A player has a maximum of 50 free visitor interactions per day, and can use a maximum of 5 of these per friend. To exceed the overall or per-friend-limit, Golden-touch Hands can be used. Once a player has built the Castle, their daily free visitor interactions are increased from 50 to 100.


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