The War Flower, if you take care of him in a timely manner, it will "horrify" you with its fruitful bounty. It is the immortal flower of war having unlimited number of harvests.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
War flower stage1
Stage 1
1 rewarded by quest What War Grows From
War flower stage2
Stage 2
50 Iron, 10 Nails, 5 Dragon Tooth 1000 Xp requ
War flower stage3
Stage 3
10 Steel, 10 Dragon Tooth, 3 Draconite 2000 Xp requ
War flower stage4
Stage 4
10 Plates, 20 Dragon Tooth, 5 Draconite 3000 Xp requ
War flower stage5harvest
Stage 5
5 Cuirass, 30 Dragon Tooth, 10 Draconite 3000 Xp requ
War flower
harvest cycle
3 Paint, 3 Pipe, 3 Dragon Tooth, 168 h to take care of, 72 h to ripen


The structure can be harvested regularly on a cycle, to receive numerous rewards. It takes 3 days to bloom and be ready to harvest. When harvested it needs to be provided with certain items to restart the cycle, during a phase of 7 days. If it is not tended to within this time limit it wilts, and will need additional items to repair and restart it again. Storing the structure also wilts it.

Caring after harvest:

Repairing after wilting:

War Flower harvest:

Items drop upon each harvest (according to the Russian version):

  • 21 Energy;
  • 2000 experience ;
  • 7 items (plates, crest, buckle, belt, glove, gauntlet, cuirass, boots, steel, tooth dragon );
  • 3 piece collection (horse, heraldry, butterflies, makeup, helmet).

Warning: If you are unable to look after your flowers, do not harvest them! Then the flower will not wither!!!


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